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Event: Crush It Recap


ALZANKI ENTERPRISES has announced the successful completion of the most exciting event CRUSH IT! Seminar back in 2011. Crush It Sponsors and Management team decided to organize a private screening event, titled: “CRUSH IT! Recap.”

Gary Vaynerchuck US Social Media keynote speaker delivered a very rich seminar to business entrepreneurs, businesses owners, and university students about building a career around what they’re passionate about. “Love your family, work super hard, live your passion”, those were Gary’s words from his famous book CRUSH IT!: Why Now Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion, that inspired millions of people.

The seminar discussed several important topics that affect businesses through the social media. The first topic was ‘State of the Union’; that discussed the relationship of consumers with Facebook and Twitter in terms of following a certain brand’s updates and resulting in evaluating the amount of engagement in addition to the kind of influence it had on the consumers. The second topic discussed was the effect created from the World Wide Web to reach consumers.

CRUSH IT! Recap is so informative, so much fun that you’ll be sharing ideas, discussing tactics and swapping business cards. You’ll be so excited you can’t wait to apply the lessons you’ve learned. You’ll quickly see how the strategies and tactics you discover in this recap, which brings about real change in the real world.

CRUSH IT! Recap teaches you how to get more online visibility using social networks and social media while building world-class business and stronger relationships with your customers. And since businesses tends to notice these things, this seminar helps you rise above the competition inside and outside your business.

Date: Wednesday; April 3, 2013

Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm (Kuwait Local Time)

Location: Cinescape Laila Gallery Complex, Salmiya

It is not uncommon for ALZANKI ENTERPRISES professionals and leaders to enjoy success before the second day of the any seminar or workshop. Participants report immediate successes with the techniques and strategies they learn the very first day. As one ALZANKI ENTERPRISES previous participants recently told us, “The several times I attended seminars and workshops, have significantly transformed how my business approaches their marketing. The results have been phenomenal, 48% growth over one year. They have ability to target core issues, creatively design a series of exercises which make the concept real, and communicate the key messages focused on results is a true talent. As far as I’m concerned.. you’ve been chosen for greatness.”

When you look back on your experience with ALZANKI ENTERPRISES, you won’t think of it as an expense, but without a doubt, one of the best investments you or your company ever made.

Join CRUSHT IT! Recap NOW! We have a very limited seats available in Cinescape Laila. There’s no fee to attend Crush It Recap. Please fill the registration form: Click


Crush it seminar: Twitter

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