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أحداث و مناسباتاخباردعم المشاريع الصغيره

مؤتمر G.1 – قضايا المشاريع الصغيره

What’s G Summit?

The G Summit (formerly known as the Gulf Conference) is an annual event, held in GCC countries featuring discussion about business, ideas, technology and any other topics related to Gulf youth and entrepreneurs. G.1 Summit is an invitation-only event, and will feature many  of  the most prominent enterpreneurs and thinkers of the Gulf entrepreneurs community.

G.1 Summit (Gulf.1 Summit) this year:

Location: Kuwait University        Date: 3rd and 4th of May 20120

G.1 summit was inspired by our well structured network of small businesses that believes in what we are doing and what want to help get the word out. It’s a two-days event, geared to entrepreneurs, to kick-start the small or medium enterprises to the next level. It will be an open discussing platform structured by the speakers to appoint very critical aspects of the small businesses community. Our program boasts an itinerary of specialized keynote speakers, workshops and networking opportunities to give the professional insight needed over one year program.

Here’s a snapshot of the range of common topics to entrepreneurs the G.1 summit will address in this event: Direct investment in small businesses, Technological integration, Strategic thinking, Marketing, Social media, Governmental issues and Business modeling.

Speakers group: Khalid Al-Zanki, Bander Al-Mutlaq (KSA), Yousef Al-Qannai, Ayman Al-Ruwayeh, Abdulmohsen Al-Ajmi, Dawood Marafi, Rakan AlFadhalah, Noura AlQenaie, Khalid AlKulaib, Alaa’ AlSeadi and Khalid AlMannaa.

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