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StartupQ8 3rd Event

The 3rd StartupQ8 event will be on this Saturday 15th of December


Session 1: Early Stage Funding (30min)

How to raise money for your startup? What type of investors will invest on you? Who are they? What do they want from you? What do they expect from you? What are they looking for? How much they are going to invest, and in which stage? All of these questions and more will be answered by Abdulaziz during his session, below is an outline of his talk:

Overview on financing for Startups:

  • Accelerators
  • Angel investors
  • Early stage /Late stage venture

Zooming into Kuwait:

  • Entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Funding options/Solutions
  • Going forward

Early/late stage venture:

  • Debt/equity finance
  • Capital structure
  • Control/Timing

Session 2: Let’s learn from Hong Kong (25min)

Kuwait and Hong Kong are very similar yet very different! Everyone in Hong Kong knows how to invest in Real Estate and in stocks, just like Kuwait. Investment companies and financial institution are the best place to work, just like Kuwait. Yet, this is changing now. Yet there is a transition happening now in Hong Kong, and Startups are driving this change.

  • What is like to be an entrepreneur 10yrs ago compared to now?
  • How is the startup scene in Hong Kong? What is good and what is bad about it?
  • Does the government and universities give any support? How?
  • What is the funding and investment situation? How does a startup gets funding?

Session 3: Interview with Dr. Naif Al-Mutawa (25min)

Dr. Naif (founder of Teshkeel Media Group) is one of the few Kuwaiti entrepreneur that went through all of the stages of a successful startup. His story and the challenges he went through are astonishing. We are fortunate to have him with us to learn from his experience. Below are some of the questions that we will use during the interview:

  • How did it all started?
  • How did you manage to raise money, gather the team and start all of this in the US?
  • What are the main challenges you faced being a Kuwaiti entrepreneur?
  • Did you get any support from Kuwaiti government, companies or individuals?
  • What is your advice for a Kuwaiti entrepreneur that is dreaming to create a first class global company?

Who should attend this course?

Entrepreneurs and Investors
 StartupQ8 : Link
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