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“Launch !t : Launch Like A Pro “Seminar

The essential ideas taught in this seminar have been developed in working with most of product launches in businesses locally and worldwide. A single idea in this program has often changed the entire direction of a business.

Many businesses have gone from losses to profits in as little as one month as a result of using and implementing Product Launch tactics and strategies. When you learn and apply the ideas in this seminar, you will save months or even years if hard work in achieving the same level of success in launching your product or service.

You will learn how to become one of the highest product launch managers and achievers of your marketplace.

 Here’s What You Learn, How-To: 
•Build Solid Fundamentals for Product Launches.
•Use Product Launch Tactics & Strategies Effectively.
•Infuse Social & Mind Triggers to Influence More Audience.
•Design Your Own Product Launch Blueprint.
•Understand Different Types of Product Launches.
•Manage & Execute Product Launch Sequences.
•Plan Product Launch Sequences for Better Conversion.
•Build Your Product Launch Criteria, Timelines and Team.
•Develop Your Launch Offer.
•Build Anticipation and Social Proof for Your Product.
•Boost The Word of Mouth during Product Launches.
•Integrate All Forms of Media in Any Product Launch.
•Leak Information Before The Launch to Feed Anticipation.
•Using Product Launches as Part of Your Strategy.
•And Much, Much, Much More.

 YES! I’m ready for the “Launch !t” Seminar
 I want to reserve my spot RIGHT NOW before the limited seats are filled. I want to participate in “Launch !t” Seminar with Khalid Al-Zanki and learn how to plan, execute and launch my product, service, campaign and business.

 •I will be ready to attend and play fullout in the seminar.
•I will know that even AFTER the seminar, Khalid will continue to support me and fellow Launch !t participants for 30 days.
•I will receive 2-hours strategy session in-person from Khalid, if I take the seminar and use it to my best ability.

Who should attend this course?
Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Authors, Business Strategists, Consultants, Trainers, Speakers, Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Event Managers, Business Development Managers, Project Managers, Commercial Managers, General Managers, Chief Executives. All Will Benefit From Attending Launch It Seminar.

Last Day for Registration: May 26, 2012

Place: GUST University :Mubarak Al-Abdullah Area/West Mishref, Block 5, Building 1

Cost: 277 KD

To register click: Here

Khalid Alzanki Twitter: Here

Contact : The Media Boss 2227-3990

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