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ArchofKuwait (AOK) is a platform dedicated to showcasing Kuwait’s creative talents through online projects and portfolios, providing you with creative opportunities, and exposure to the world of design.

To bring together all segments of the market – including talented individuals, architecture and construction companies, designers, as well as clients and provide them with networking capabilities and recruitment opportunities. Architecture of Kuwait (AOK) will be the creative professional platform that eases networking between its end users. Designers wishing to advertise their designs turn to blogs by locals or other social utilities such as Facebook. AOK aims to become the main social utility documenting Kuwait’s projects.

AOK’s strength lies in aiding only designers in finding the right fit when seeking a job opening through services such as uploading their portfolios along with their CVs. Many recruiters without an architecture or design background do not have the understanding for the need of showcasing portfolios; also, by aiding all forms of job seekers- these recruiters are not specific to a single major. By only aiding designers and allowing them to portray their creativity.

Mohammed I. AlRoumi, – AOK’s Financial
Abdulaziz M. AlKandari – AOK’s Media
Ruba Q. AlSaleh – AOK’s Managerial
Alia A. Al Azzeh AOK’s Communication



Email: [email protected]

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